Living in Skalica

Places to stay

Unfortunately we are not always able to offer University accommodation to all Exchange/Study Abroad students. Our Accommodation Service can help you either apply for a room in a dormitory or help you find private rented accommodation in Skalica or Košice.The Accommodation Service can provide advice on how to look for private rented accommodation in Skalica and Košice, a list of accredited houses and rooms available to rent, Flatmates scheme for contacting other students to look for accommodation together and assistance with documentation and contracts.

The rent
Rents in Skalica normally start at 250 Euro, shared apartments tend to be less expensive. On signing the lease your landlord will probably expect a deposit of three months, reimbursed with interest at the end of tenancy as long as nothing has been damaged. Sometimes a commission or a compensation for furniture is requested; therefore, make sure that you bring enough money with you.

Short-term Accommodation
If you arrive in Skalica and have not yet found an apartment or a room you will need cheap short-term accommodation at either a hotel or a guest house.

Registration after your arrival

Within 10 days after your arrival in Skalica, you need to register at the local authorities (even for a temporary stay). The proof of residence registration is needed to open a bank account.
For the registration you need to bring:

  • the official registration form
  • your passport or identity card.