This section of our website provides information about the main possibilities for cooperation open to teaching staff. The University of Central Europe in Skalica welcomes teaching and research staff members as well as professional expertises from all over the world, to attend seminars, conferences or short research  visits organized by UCEU academic departments. The team of International Office connects those academic staff members to their peers located in any of UCEU  departments at national level. Also, the UCEU teaching and research staff may contact the team of International Office in case they need support to approach other higher education institutions or research centers at international level.
The invited academic staff members are received through these two mechanisms:

  1. Through a formal inter-institutional cooperation agreement previously established. It facilitates the required procedures and the distribution of costs related to the expenses of the incoming staff member.
  2. Through funds from international cooperation agencies ( SAIA and National Scholarship Programme ) that provide the needed economic resources to cover the travel expenses of the incoming staff.

Receiving academic staff members represents an opportunity for information exchange and academic actualization among teaching and research staff, and also, general enrichment of our departments and processes involved in these activities. Should you be interested in exploring the possibility of working with academic staff at University of Central Europe in Skalica, please get in touch with us at the International Office.