Interships in Rhodes


Students Placement Program for Erasmus and non-Erasmus students

Rhodes is the number one holiday island in Europe it’s services and tourist product is far beyond a person’s imagination. Rhodes can compete with mammoth holiday destinations such as Las Vegas in Services. Rhodes has a history in tourism since 1960 it is the main island in Europe offering tourism services that cover the needs of everybody from the richest customer to the poorest. Through Rhodesnow Students have the opportunity to participate in this hospitality chain and boost their Cv dramatically.

Rhodes now provides student’s placement for Erasmus practice students and non Erasmus to hotels in Rhodes. As we are the only agency offering personalized and dedicated service to Rhodes and after 10 years of experience in tourism we know what our clients work. In 2012 first year of our operations RhodesNow had a success percentage on their placements 100% and this is a result of our strategy to care about our students and our clients. With Rhodes Now you shouldn’t be afraid of problems you might face in a foreign country as our local agents in Rhodes Island will assist you to overcome them and continue enjoy your work and stay in Rhodes.


Rhodes Now signs deals with universities for cooperation, later performs a career day in your university on a specific date in October/November informing all students about the possibilities of work in Rhodes. Students Apply/Register by sending their cv to and later Rhodes Now according to their skills inform them about the job. Students agree pay the consulting fee, signing the contract and they secure their placement in Rhodes.

The students who successfully complete their practical training are provided Certificates written on the company formal blanks that contain the name of the company, the period of training, the position or specialty that were taken by the trainee, and other kinds of activities and responsibilities executed by the trainee. Students Are welcome to participate in this program more than one time even if it is not mandatory form their university as long as they are students and can present us with a training agreement form their university.


Our program tends to cover the high needs of a student that is looking to practice their theoretical knowledge and be part of a large organization to boost their CV and also fulfill their dream to spend a summer in a hot place where they can cultivate their characters by being part of a multicultural island, gain work experience make money also have some fun. The students are entitled to cover to full extend their job responsibilities. The Placement can last from 3 months up to 6 months from May till October. We encourage students to arrive in Rhodes before or till the 15th of May till 15th of October to get the most out of their experience. Students that will remain in Rhodes for the whole period of time they will receive the deposit of 150 euros they gave in the beginning before arriving to Rhodes at the end of the summer together with their certificate. The expenses for a student are their tickets and 50 euros for the paperwork and transfers to hotel. Rhodesnow does not take money from student as profit. Rhodesnow will compensate the 5-10 best students with 3 months of practice in Las Vegas once they finish their Degree and have achieved a certain level of Grades. Students will have their outward tickets Paid from Rhodesnow and they will return to Rhodes for the following summer achieving high profile positions to start their careers. Rhodesnow aim is to build a network of businesses and professionals to increase services and career opportunities.

Rhodes Now Services

RhodesNow is not simply a recruitment agency is a connecting hub between Rhodes and other countries, professionals and businesses. Target is the promotion of Rhodes to the eastern European Countries and also the promotion of Eastern European countries to the countries of RhodesNow Operations. RhodesNow insists to offer personalized service rather than treating students as labor or robots. Work in World Class recognized businesses and hotels, spend a fabulous time on the island of Rhodes, enjoy your free time on the best beaches of Europe, visit the ancient cities of Rhodes, enjoy the best nightlife places of the island, taste the Greek delicacies in Rhodes Restaurants.

  • Great Jobs at the best companies in Rhodes
  • Earn money
  • Great and Safe Working environment
  • Excellent weather conditions
  • Adds Value to your CV
  • Writing Assistance with CV
  • Free Consultations
  • Free Accommodation & Free Meals
  • Travel insurance(extra charge)
  • 10% discounts on Selected Restaurants / Bars / Super Markets
  • Available Greek Lessons
  • Supervising form Professionals in the industry
  • Assistance with Visa process if that is applicable
  • Free Transfer from the airport to their accommodation and working environment
  • Working support form Specialists on the field while at work
  • Personal Support form Rhodesnow Representatives on Rhodes Island
  • Tickets booking support
  • Guide in Rhodes while on the island to learn about history
  • Professional Job opportunities once they finish their practice


  • Reception
  • Administrators
  • F&B
  • Hotel Keepers
  • Hostesses
  • Public Relations
  • Cashiers
  • Guest Relations
  • Advertising
  • Office staff & Management Possibilities
  • Pro-School teachers
  • Computer engineers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbing
  • Landscape specialists
  • Beauty specialists and Masseurs
  • Cooks and confectioners
  • Gym instructors
  • Musician
  • Theatre Actors
  • Event Organizers