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White in Ireland, Ltd. would like to work with you and your students. Ireland is primarily a farming country. It is a major part of every-day life here in Ireland. We come from farming families. We have decade long relationships with over two hundred Irish farms, larger farming conglomerates, feed/grain industry, Agri-Home placements, Dairy farms, Dairy businesses, Landscaping, Cattle Breeding, Equine Stables, Veterinary, Pig farms, Hen farms, Organic farming, Horticulture and the Sheep Industry.          

We provide a valuable service for both the candidate and our agricultural/farming group members. We are looking for candidates that are positive, outgoing, and ready to learn, our programs are not for the shy or introverted candidates as they will have difficulty adapting to the Irish culture. Our attention to detail; means that a candidate is matched to carefully vetted host families based on what they write on their agricultural work placements application. We want our candidates go home with a comprehensive understanding of Irish farming and our agricultural way of life. We also expect that our host farmers will have learn from the candidates both agriculturally and culturally. Most farmers prefer a minimum 2 month stay buy they are open to less. The best time of the year to come to Ireland for farmers is from September to March but we provide placements year round.          

The program has three main objectives:         

1. Language Skills: We aim to help international candidates to improve their English language knowledge and work related language skills; this schould help them in their subsequent studies and Professional life. Improve general English.

2. Professional Skills: The Candidate will have the opportunity to learn more about Irish agriculture and farming. They will Gain practical work experience in the chosen career and Gain confidence in the student´s ability to function in an Englisch-speaking environment. This will enhance the candidate´s career prospects by obtaining certificates that decribe his/her English ability and his/her work experience. They will be in a significantly better position to find a job or improve promotion prospects in an increasingly competetitive market.

3. Cultural Knowledge: They will get to know Irish people both at work and socially. The participants of these programs will have the possibility to learn more about the Irish culture and the Irish way of life, sharing the every-day life and customs of an Irish farmer´s family.

Please, note that the objective is not to earn Money: This program is not about „summer-jobs“, but „farm practices and training“. The Farm Practices and training are organized with the help of a club of local farmers who oversee the quality of life for the candidate. These are UNPAIN positions.

The candidate will receive accommodations, meals, Laundry, and internet fro the farmer. The candidate is treated like family by our Irish farmers and often invited to participate in family events. The candidate must have their own insurances and provide documents showing that prior to arrival in Ireland.

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